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 ACro Dance 

Acro Dance classes are curriculum based courses that follow the progression guidelines set forth by the leading Acro Dance certification program, Acrobatic Arts. Our studio has been operating as an Acrobatic Arts certified studio, and offering Acro Dance as a separate course, since 2015. Each of our instructors are certified in dance and acrobatics to ensure the safety of your dancer as they participate in Acro Dance, tumbling and contortion programming at our studio.
Acro dance classes at Palmetto En Pointe are leveled by skill. Each progression to the next level requires a mastery of skills through a mid year and an end of year examination process. Levels are not by age, with the exception of our Primary class programs, and are as follows: Primary, Levels 1-8, and Pre-professional levels 1-3. Each Acro dance class consists of a combination of flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling skills. 


We require that Acro dance classes be taken in conjunction with another dance class (This does not apply to Primary Acro) that is similar in foundation (lyrical, jazz, contemporary, modern, etc) so that your dancer will gain basic dance technique alongside their Acro Dance curriculum so that they will achieve the best results from your training. Each class will perform in the end of year showcase with an Acro Dance that will highlight skills from the curriculum. 



Fitted dance leotard, or crop top with shorts. Each dancer should own a black leotard, but may also wear solid colors. Please no accessories or jewelry in ACRO class. **Water bottles are important to bring to any acro class!

Contact us to be placed in an ACRO Level if you are unsure of where your skills place you.


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Why do you use Acrobatic Arts Curriculum?
Acrobatic Arts "developed with input from professionals and experts in ballet, modern dance, jazz, contortion, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, sport acrobatics, yoga, acro yoga, pilates, physiotherapy" to create a comprehensive curriculum. We feel that their curriculum best encompasses all the skils necessary to progress and train safely.