Recital 2014 - Technicolor

Be Vivid! 

Join us for our End of Year Showcase: Saturday May 24th, 2014. (10am show; 2pm show) 

Spartanburg District Three Community Auditorium (Beside Broome High School) 

Tickets will be on sale at the studio:

May 9th 5pm-8pm 

May 12th 9am-2pm 

*Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door on the 24th. (9:15-9:45 am; 1:15-1:45pm) 

ALL Tickets are $8

Tickets/seats are numbered according to auditorium rules. Please make sure your ticket matches the seat you are sitting in. 

-Doors will open 15 minutes prior to showtime. 

-Please no flash photography. 

-No video recording devices will be allowed during the show. A DVD of the Show will be available for purchase. DVD pre-orders will take place on May 23rd and May 24th. DVD's are $25 each and will be available for pick up at the studio after July 24th. 

-There are restrooms located in the lobby. 

-No parents/family members will be allowed backstage before, during, or after the performances. 

-All dancers will be dismissed to an adult at the conclusion of the show. Please check your email for our specific pick up plan. 

-Dancers performing in the 10am show will need to arrive at 9am. Dancers performing in the 2 pm show will need to arrive at 1 pm.

-Handicap seating is available.

-No one is allowed to stand during the performance, in their seats or the aisles, per fire code. No one is permitted to sit on the steps at any time. Please help us follow the rules of the venue.

-No camera tripods other than the crew hired, will be allowed in the auditorium. 

-Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. 

-Please do not leave your seat during a number. Please remain seated until designated breaks of the program. 

-Please use the main entrances/exits into the lobby for access to the auditorium.