Can I watch my child's class? 

We do not allow parents to watch during class. This is for the benefit of the child and the classroom environment. We do however hold optional Parent Observation Days throughout the year. 

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Aubrey Dillard Welborn 

Owner, Artistic Director 


Ashleigh Asper

Owner, Artistic Director 


Palmetto En Pointe Staff 

 The Whole Body Approach to dance is the belief that a balance between mind, soul and body is imperative in helping to develop healthy and mindful youth. We educate, encourage and engage our dancers in a positive and healthy learning environment and in doing so aspire to help them achieve their own individual balance between mind, soul, and body. 
1. Educate (Mind) – We provide our students with proper technical training in classical and contemporary movement in the art of dance. Studies have concluded that both hemispheres of the brain are actively engaged during the activity/study of dance (Brown and Parsons, Scientific American). We extend the education component further by providing dancers opportunities to learn about the health benefits of proper nutrition; in doing so, we aim to promote healthy body image.
​ 2.Encourage (Soul) – We will encourage our students to maintain their individuality while inspiring them to dance through positive instruction and reinforcement.  Our goal in this regard is that our students will ultimately be well-rounded, innovative dancers that have a lifelong passion for the arts. Students will be introduced to philanthropic opportunities throughout the year.  We will extend these opportunities to our students with aspirations that they will be mindful of the needs of the community and encouraged to actively seek ways in which they can address these needs.  Through these acts of service, each individual dancer will also learn to interact with the community in which they live in a healthy and positive way.
​ 3. Engage (Body) - We engage our students in individual movement as well as interactive movement with others, thereby allowing our students to build healthy relationships while learning basic team building skills. We believe that by also allowing opportunities for our students to perform within our community they will ultimately Educate, Encourage and Engage, the public on the benefits of preserving performing arts programs across the nation.





What is our Inclement Weather Policy?
We follow District 6 schools for all closings and delays. We will update our Facebook page as well as our answering machine with weather information.  

What does my dancer need to wear to class? 

Please see Class descriptions for attire listings by class. 

How does my child make a PEPPA Company team?

We will hold our "Open Call" class series each Spring. Dancers will be selected from this series and will be required to attend a Summer Intensive as well as choreography workshops to prepare them for the upcoming season. 

Palmetto en Pointe Performing Arts is a family friendly, loving and safe environment where children are able to learn and explore the art of dance. We are experienced dance professionals who are passionate about dance, the community in which we live and the positive impact that education in the performing arts can have on children. We are eager to make an impact in the performing arts community here in the Upstate and we are thrilled to have your children be a part of this lifelong investment to the arts! 

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul. Strong and secure." Hebrews 6:19 

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